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Business Intelligence

Our team will take care of optimizing your entire digital environment. VENXUX combines simplicity, reliability, machine learning and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To make smarter decisions, regardless of your role at work.

Due to the explosion of data in information technologies, organizations have had to face new challenges that allow them to analyze, discover and understand beyond what their traditional tools report about their information, at the same time as during the last For years, the great growth of applications available on the Internet has been an important part of the business decisions of companies. We are all part of this great growth, and all companies and organizations can take advantage of the competitive advantages that Big Data brings.

Content Analytics software provides companies with tools to obtain answers from the large amount of content they are discovering, both on their website and on social networks, helping to process information.

One of the biggest challenges that companies have today is the ability to respond to the interconnected market with sufficient agility. The flood of unstructured data coming from social media and internal company resources can now be automatically collected and analyzed. More data means more accurate analysis and more accurate decisions, turning that data into a competitive advantage through Social Analytics.

Whether it is e-commerce, mobile apps, CRM, both public websites and private environments store a large amount of information that can be measured from various points of view. We put at your disposal specialists in applications that will make this path easier for you.

The best specialists in data analysis

Business Intelligence - Services

Data quality. Cleaning, homogenization.

Our specialists will help you obtain useful data and perform a review of existing data, in order to optimize it.

Public, hybrid and local cloud storage.

Cloud servers according to the needs of each client, after receiving the advice of our advisors and obtaining the most profitable and appropriate solution according to their requirements.

Consulting in technology strategy and data architecture.

We have the best specialists in Dtaos technology and structure, who will ensure that each of your projects provides security, stability and the best possible accessibility.

Execution of highly complex data queries in transactional environments

If you need to implement highly complex SQL queries, VENXUX has the specialists that will help you to have a truly intelligent Database, creating functions, stored procedures, triggers and views. Do not stay behind, the future is already here and awaits you.

Android Mobile Applications

Development of mobile applications for Android in Java, Kotlin or Flutter depending on the request and requirements of the Client.

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Creation of a multiplatform application using tools such as Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) or Flutter, depending on the Client's requirement

Joomla Development

An open source CMS, based on PHP, which has a large community of users around the world. With Joomla! you can make websites of all kinds, based on content. As a content manager, it offers quite complete features, which are completed by means of extensions. The CMS is also multi-language, so it can be localized to any region.

WordPress Development

One of the most versatile CMS that there is right now to develop a project, with it you get guaranteed security and scalability thanks to its constant renewal, either to add new functionality or create from scratch, its optimization for SEO and its extensive community makes that is the best option for the project you have in mind.


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